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National Conference on Poplar and Forest plantations in Italy- Casale Monferrato, October 24-25 2016

National Conference on Poplar and Forest plantations in Italy- Casale Monferrato, October 24-25, 2016

Organized by:

Consiglio per la ricerca in agricoltura e l’analisi dell’economia agraria (CREA)
Accademia Italiana di Scienze Forestali (AISF)
Associazione Pioppicoltori Italiani (API)
Federazione Italiana Dottori in Scienze Agrarie e Forestali (FIDAF)
Società Italiana di Selvicoltura ed Ecologia Forestale (SISEF)


Venue:Centro di ricerca per le foreste e il legno –  Casale Monferrato – Strada Frassineto 35


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The volume “CALVANA E MONTE MORELLO: DUE RILIEVI A CONFRONTO.  Geografia, geologia, climatologia, rimboschimenti, vegetazione e flora vascolare. Analogie e difformità” – published by the Italian Academy of Forest Sciences and CAI, Italian Alpine Club – will be presented on October 22nd at 16 pm in Palazzo Banci Buonamici – via Ricasoli 25, Prato.

The Authors (Fiorenzo Gei, David Fastelli,  Federico G. Maetzke, Giovanni Gestri and Lorenzo Peruzzi) will be present.

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“Florence-Symposium” on running projects focused on C- dynamics in Italian forest soils – Florence 29th September 2016

“Florence-Symposium” on running projects focused on C- dynamics in Italian forest soils

Florence 29th September 2016

Italian Academy of Forest Sciences – Piazza Edison 11 – Firenze

In the forthcoming symposium, focus is given on the eminent role of soil organic carbon in the fertility maintenance of forest ecosystems. In fact, it is still of paramount importance to further unravel the complex carbon dynamics in forest soil ecosystems (C sink and source) by means of multidisciplinary approaches, so as to gain in-depth insights into the global C-cycle within the context of climate change. The participation of leading scientists presenting current projects, at national and European level, provides a promising platform to i) strengthen our knowledge on the mechanisms beyond the C cycling in European forest soils; ii) set up an interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary consortium among the participants aiming at new collaborations; iii) to screen the “project-call-calendar” for best fitting regional, national, European calls and perform an initial brain-storming on concrete project-proposals, aiming at sensitizing national and European Institutions on this topic of global ecological relevance and thus, of paramount importance.



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Project Fresh Life

logo-fresh-lifeThe LIFE project FRESh “Demonstrating Remote Sensing integration in sustainable forest management” started the 7th of September 2015 and has a 4 years duration.
FRESh LIFE is aimed at demonstrating the feasibility of the integration of data collected from forest inventories with remotely sensed information to operatively support the implementation of Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) practices.
It contributes to derive harmonized information from data collected in the field by providing an ecologically sound context to frame SFM indicators and interpret their temporal trends over time.
The project is leaded by the Italian Academy of Forest Sciences.

More informations:

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Global Change Research Symposium, September 16-18, 2014, Ostuni

Global Change Research Symposium, Ostuni, Brindisi, Southern Italy, September 16-18, 2014.

Concern for ecosystem services and human well-being is one of the most compelling reasons to study the effects of global change, but in order to intervene, policymakers and resource managers need predictions of how humans and ecosystems respond, and recover from, anthropogenic stressors.
This Symposium will bring international leading scientists from relevant fields to discuss the theme of how global change research can support management decisions and interventions that are most urgently needed to mitigate different stressors and protect ecosystem services and human well-being.
Contributions are expected in one or more of the following themes: Continue reading