Italian Academy of Forest Sciences

Accademia Italiana di Scienze Forestali


The Italian Academy of Forest Sciences, is an independent Institution, under the umbrella of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs. The present Statute dates from 1952. The Academy is organized in 4 sections: Forest economics, policy and law; Silviculture and Environment protection, Forest Engineering, Forest technology and industries.

Brief historical overview
Italian Academy of Forest Sciences was founded on June 21st, 1951, with a decree signed by Prof. Amintore Fanfani, then Minister of Agriculture and Forestry. The first President, in office until 1980, was Prof. Generoso Patrone. His successors have been Alessandro de Philippis and Fiorenzo Mancini. At the moment the President is Orazio Ciancio.

Institutions aims
Academy contributes to the progress of forest sciences, and related juridical, historical and economic sciences, considering their implications in silviculture, as significants elements for national prosperity.

Types of activities

  • the Academy promotes research on scientific, technical, economic and legal issues related to forest management and environmental protection;
  • organises conferences, workshops and seminars on these fields;
  • publishes academic proceedings, technical and scientific studies, surveys, monographs, collections of essays and journals;
  • cooperates with similar national and foreign institutions;
  • maintains a library specialized in forest sciences.

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